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4 Fundamental Ways to Keep Your Transformers in Prime Condition

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Keep Your Transformers in Prime Condition

There are industries of every kind today. power, petrochemical, oil, gas, water treatment and so on. All use quite a lot of electricity. They all have a mini power grid with a variety of transformers and capacitors. These aren’t the regular household electrical items and they require special care. They deal with a lot of high voltages and need to be serviced and cared for regularly.

Let’s have a look at some simple things we can do to keep these units in proper condition.


It is quite important to know where to place your transformers and other units in a factory or a go down. Even though rain does not affect the working of most transformers it is always advised to keep them sheltered as rain and wind combined can make the transformers blow up.

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During summer the immense heat from the sun can also damage transformers. The heat makes the transformer overheat and can explode at any time. Thus sheltering is again advised to avoid such damages.

Normal paint

Transformers are mostly made of metal that corrodes easily. Rain and other natural factors make corrosion quite prevalent. Corroded transformers do not work well and their capacity decreases over time. It is therefore important that the transformers are painted regularly with good quality paint that saves them from this entropy.

Using white or silver paint also helps reflect a lot of excess heat from the sun which would help in preventing overheating of transformers.


industrial electrical units with high voltage capacities face a serious threat from the air with high moisture content, which requires you to keep them coated with paint and other chemicals. Most of these can be protected with a simple coat of paint but some require chemicals that contain insulating varnishes that are not available readily. Nonetheless, you can easily consult to expert professionals such as the ones at UtilityService.net who can guide you through what types of coating are better suited for your equipment. You should anyway avoid handling such chemicals yourself as they are quite reactive to a lot of surfaces that we are unaware of.

Change the Oil

You ought to always maintain the oil levels in the magnetic oil gauge in the main tank. You can keep a regular check and keep the oil at the optimum level. Apart from that, you can also change the silica gel yourself once the color turns to an obvious pink.

Keeping an eye out for leakages in the tanks should also be done regularly. Any leakage can be easily sealed by welding the crack. Make sure that the power is shut off while performing these actions!

Transformers are a crucial part of converting the electricity and maintaining it at the desired level. Without transformers, most of our processes in the industry that use electricity won’t be able to function normally.

Being so dependent on transformers, it is our duty to maintain them and service them regularly with care.