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7 Most Profitable Business Ideas For 2019

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If you’re here, I know one thing about you:

You want to be a hero for your family and community. And you want to do it by starting the right business.

That’s why this site and newsletter exist.

With that in mind, I searched for some of the more popular business ideas for 2019 and I found some interesting ones. Some you will probably have guess — and some you wouldn’t.

Why don’t you take a look at the video below and let the wheels start turning.

Top Business Ideas For 2019 and Beyond

Marina Mogilko from Silicon Valley Girl shares her top small business ideas for 2019:

  1. Start an online course
  2. Cleaning service (especially for initial capital)
  3. Fulfillment by Amazon
  4. Meal prep and delivery
  5. Bike and scooter rental
  6. Personal trainer and instructor
  7. Accounting services

Here’s My Take On Marina’s Business Ideas

Marina gives some great advice and offers excellent ideas for beginning entrepreneurs. At the very least, these should get the juices flowing as you brainstorm what fits for you.

Personally, I think she makes selling online courses sound a bit too easy.

Yes, you can create courses. In fact, I currently have two: Run Your Blog and Heroic Branding.

However, it’s not as simple as throwing up a course and expecting hundreds or thousands to by. It takes time to build an audience and nurture those folks along until they’re ready to buy.

Then again, if you have the expertise or experience, starting a cleaning service or meal prep company in your local area is a great way to get your entrepreneurial feet wet.

Yes, it would require some upfront capital, but it is something you could technically do with a full time job.

What Are Your Thoughts On These Business Ideas?

For you, would these ideas work? Tell me in the comments why or why not.

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