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9 Reasons Why Staying At Home Can Be Awesome

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Everyone is staying at home right now a little (or a lot) more than usual.

And, while that can make some people feel a little cooped up, since increased physical distancing is unavoidable right now it’s best to try and make the most out of it.

Read on for 9 ways to really enjoy and see the bright sides of hanging out at home for a while.

  1. You can catch up on your Zzzs

Whether you are working from home right now or just hanging out, there is a lot more opportunity for scattered power naps.

Swap that half hour commute time for a little extra sleep in the morning and you may be surprised how much fresher you feel.

Have a 45min break in between your next meeting? Use that time normally spent grabbing a coffee or chatting with coworkers in catching a few quick Zzzs.

  1. All of your outfits are dangerously comfy

Hanging out at home means you can likely don your cosiest clothes all the time.

Swap uncomfortable work attire for yoga pants and your favorite sweater for a little while.

Who knows, maybe being super cozy will help you relax and get even more work done than usual.

And, with all that time saved picking out the chicest boss lady outfits in the morning, you may find you are able to hop into productive things even sooner.

  1. You have the time for making more involved recipes

Since you are hanging around the house, that means that you have the ability to really hone your cooking skills.

All those dinner recipes that you skip over because of the hours of prep time like soaking, marinating, slow cooking, are now easy to handle while still getting everything else done during the day.

And, since nothing is more satisfying than sitting down to a home cooked fancy dinner where you learned something new, this is an at-home win in our book.

  1. You can mix in pamper yourself time

Hydrating face masks and hair masks don’t have to be an evening and weekend thing when you are at home all the time.

Shut off your laptop camera during the virtual meeting, slap on your favorite face mask, and no one will be the wiser.

Hair masks on the regular while editing those boring spreadsheets? Yes, please.

Pro Tip: Try subbing your usual commute home at 5pm for a scheduled bubble bath to help you shift out of work mode each evening and really enjoy the benefits of staying at home.

  1. Time for midday yoga or meditation sessions

Do you normally take an hour lunch break daily?

If you are at home you can combo your midday break with a body and mind nourishing quick yoga, stretching, or meditation session, and your daily physical activity can be knocked out before noon.

  1. You can spruce up your clutter areas

Everyone has those nooks, drawers, and closets in their home that are the designated clutter areas.

With all of your extra time at home, you can finally revamp those stash-all areas to really enjoy your house.

Who knew that organizing your spice cabinet could feel so rewarding?

  1. So much time with your pets

Your pets have no idea why you are now home all the time, but they sure are happy about it.

Staying in all the time means that your furry friends get more lap sits, cuddles, and all around quality time with you.

And since hanging out with your animals more can help boost your overall mood too, this is an at-home win-win.

  1. Develop that dream hobby

Want to learn japanese, pick up watercoloring, or because an artisan bread maker?

Staying at home gives you ample opportunity to sink some of that new found time into developing those skills you have always talked about but never got around to doing.

Set aside 15 minutes a day to use a language study app, follow a youtube watercolor tutorial every Wednesday night, or keep an eye on some rising dough while working from home to make those dream hobbies a reality.

  1. Take care of those little cosmetic issues

Staying at home more often is the perfect time to take care of some of those cosmetic issues you have been putting off, of just hoping would go away on their own.

If you have been struggling with acne, a lingering scar, melasma, fine lines, or rosacea, but have just been covering up with concealer to avoid dealing with the potential redness, dryness, or irritation from getting through a prescription treatment like Tretinoin creams – now is the perfect time to get through the adjustment period of a cosmetic treatment.

Telemedicine companies like StrutYours.com specialize in telemedicine for just such skin issues, so that you can have an online doctor’s appointment, and have any required medication shipped straight to your front door – all while maintaining social distancing.

Chances are, by the time everyone is out and about again, the treatment adjustment period may be over with and you will be left fresh, clear, and issue free.