Hero Story
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I wanted to be more authentic.

And I wasn’t doing that with my other ventures.

That’s how Hero Story started.

Well, that along with this story I wrote for Forbes about a guy named Sean Mulroney who lost a ton of weight.

Sean’s story helped bring out the inner writer in me. And it was something that I hadn’t really felt since I wrote for my college newspaper.

I enjoyed getting to know somebody and digging deep into their story. Then, crafting it in a way that truly connects with folks.

My writing coupled with my newfound desire to be “more real” lead me on a search for something different.

That’s where I came up with the idea for Hero Story: a weekly newsletter that would showcase the best humanity has to offer. No bull shit about politics, reality television, or whatever other distraction out there that fosters negativity and division.

No. Hero Story would be different.

Instead of the worst, we highlight the best.

Instead of the negative, we focus on the positive.

Instead of the losers, we focus on the heroes.

At Hero Story, we put the positive and uplifting news first. Then, we disregard all the crap that brings people down and tears us apart.

We’re about building people up. Period.

We don’t think everything is perfect. Far from it.

But, we do believe that more good can come from focusing on the great things in life than the garbage.
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I look forward to meeting each and every one of you.

Until then, be heroic in all that you do.

-Dave Domzalski