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Best Advice For New Lawyers Looking To Start Independent Practice

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Best Advice For New Lawyers Looking To Start Independent Practice

As a new lawyer, joining a law firm seems to be a viable way to move up the career ladder. But some professionals are not just cut out to work for others. In that case, you may want to start your independent practice at an early stage of your career. It can be a great opportunity to earn money, fame,  and reputation but everything boils down to taking the right approach. Here are some valuable pieces of expert advice for achieving success with independent practice as a new lawyer.

Know yourself

Self-awareness is the first step towards professional success. So you must start by knowing yourself well enough, from the skills and qualities you possess to the interests you have. This will help you decide the best field of practice that you would want to pursue in the long run. Accordingly, you can build the service offering of your law firm. Of course, you need not be confined as you can consider onboarding resources if you want to diversify.

Build your network

Another vital aspect of starting your independent practice as a new professional is building your network. Actively seek like-minded lawyers to learn from them and share experiences as well. Attend events to meet people and get more opportunities so that you can bring in more clients right from the start. Remember that you have to be patient when it comes to building business relationships, so don’t expect immediate results.

Look for inspiration

When you are new in the industry, seeking inspiration from successful people keeps you motivated and provides valuable insights for achieving your objectives. Look for influencers, check out lawyer interviews and try to interact with the big names in the industry. Fortunately, you can do it easily these days by connecting with them on professional networks. Surely, there is a lot to gain if you find the right people to get inspiration from.

Gear up financially

The initial phase of setting up an independent practice may be challenging. Work may come in a trickle and you may not be able to make money as you had dreamt about. Experts suggest that you should be financially prepared before you take the plunge. Start small, with an inexpensive office space and only a few people in your team. This minimum viable approach can help you sustain the initial challenges and you can gradually build up a strong foundation as you get more clients and cases.

Keep investing in yourself

Running an independent practice requires you to be on top with your skills and expertise. So it is a good idea to keep growing with regular training and skill enhancement programs. These may cost some time and money but the effort is completely worthwhile as clients find credibility in lawyers who have more certifications. Moreover, extra skills always boost your confidence and get you new opportunities.

Finally, simply go ahead and chase your dreams. An independent practice at the start of your career sounds like a big step but you can do it if you believe it!