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Prepare To Ignite: My Interview With John Lee Dumas Of Entrepreneurs On Fire

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John Lee Dumas - Entrepreneurs On Fire

Photo credit: Josh Rossi, JoshRossi.com

Are you prepared to ignite?

That’s the question John Lee Dumas (JLD for short) asks his guests before each episode of Entrepreneurs On Fire. So, it makes sense to ask you this as I share my interview with the great podcaster himself.

JLD was kind enough to share why he started Entrepreneurs On Fire, what moments have shaped his life to date, and even his favorite book. Grab a coffee or your favorite beverage and let’s get fired up.

Here’s JLD.

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Q&A With EOFire’s John Lee Dumas

Give us a brief background of who you are for those that don’t know.

I’m the founder & host of Entrepreneurs On Fire, an award-winning podcast where I interview inspiring entrepreneurs to help my audience, Fire Nation, on their entrepreneurial journey!

My goal with Entrepreneurs On Fire is to deliver the inspiration and strategies needed to spark your entrepreneurial journey and help you create the life you’ve always dreamed of.

I’ve interviewed over 2,000 incredible Entrepreneurs, including Tony Robbins, Seth Godin, Gary Vaynerchuk, Barbara Corcoran, Tim Ferriss, and many more.

But before Entrepreneurs On Fire was even a thought, my journey was full of struggle and searching.

After serving as an active duty Army Officer for four years, I tried Law School (1st semester dropout), Corporate Finance and Commercial Real Estate. None of them were right for me, and it wasn’t until 2012 that I had my own AH-HA moment: to launch the only daily interview podcast to inspire entrepreneurs to take their leap towards financial and lifestyle freedom.

In your current role, what do you help people achieve?

Financial and lifestyle freedom.

How did you go about this career path?

When I was working in commercial real estate I was in the car A LOT driving to and from appointments. My favorite thing to do in order to leverage all that time I spent in the car was to listen to inspiring podcasts filled with valuable knowledge and encouragement.

My favorites were podcasts where the host would interview a successful entrepreneur; I loved listening to that entrepreneur tell their story – their struggles, wins, and how they created the life they wanted.

But because I was in the car so much, and because the podcasts I listened to were only being published 1x / week, I ran out of content.

That’s when I thought “If I’m looking for more of this content, others must be looking for it, too”.

So I set out to create and launch a daily podcast interviewing inspiring entrepreneurs so I could share their journey.

First step: I hired a mentor who was where I wanted to be (Jaime Masters of The Eventual Millionaire) and I joined a mastermind via Cliff Ravenscraft.

Second step: I did exactly what Jaime told me to do: I attended Blog World / NMX the summer of 2012, met some really incredible podcasters and entrepreneurs who were carving their own path, and I got my first “yes’s” to be a guest on the podcast from those entrepreneurs.

Third step: I started taking imperfect action.

John and Kate of EOFire

Photo Credit: Kevin Tran

Describe one or two moments in your life that shaped who you are today.

Certainly being in the military has had a big impact on my life and who I am. I made a promise to myself and to my fellow soldiers who gave the ultimate sacrifice that I would never take life for granted.

We have so many incredible opportunities to share knowledge and value with others, and unfortunately so many choose not to embrace those opportunities.

What are aspiring and current entrepreneurs and freelancers missing when it comes to your area of expertise? How do you help bridge that gap?

There are certainly many technical aspects to podcasting. In addition, you have to have great systems and know how to market your brand and podcast in order to grow. Finally, the niche – in a crowded online space, you have to niche down and be an EXPERT to stand out.

I help bridge these gaps by providing my audience with free and amazing trainings, like Free Podcast Course, which teaches individuals how to create and launch a podcast.

I also host a Free Podcast Masterclass, where I dive into the specifics of how to become a successful podcaster without spending a lot of money or being techie.

For those ready to take the next step, I created the #1 online podcasting community with over 3,500 members who are helping support one another on a daily basis.

Regarding your core products and services, what can you tell us about it? Why should we care?

Anyone who is looking to create financial and lifestyle freedom as an entrepreneur has to have an idea. To help with this critical first step, I created a free training called Your Big Idea.

Once you have your BIG IDEA, there’s a specific system that’s very clear cut that I’ve used to help turn more than 4 of my BIG ideas into successful revenue generators. I call this entire system the Real Revenue System.

Once you have your BIG IDEA and know how to turn that idea into success, I believe podcasting is the best way to magnify your brand, products, services, and the value you have to provide.

Free Podcast Course

Click on the photo to get JLD’s Free Podcast Course!

If you have a message and a mission you want to share, podcasting is the best medium to reach and grow an audience. Podcasting allows you to create an intimate connection with your listeners and reach a worldwide audience.

Again, I’ve created Free Podcast Course, my Podcast Masterclass, and our paid community, Podcasters’ Paradise to help share everything I’ve learned on my podcasting journey in order to help you create, launch, grow, and monetize your podcast.

If you want to create financial and lifestyle freedom as an entrepreneur, you have to have a big idea, you have to know how to turn that idea into real revenue, and you have to have a way to continue to grow your audience and share your message with the world. The trainings I’ve created will help you do all 3 of these things.

What is one resource (app, website, software, etc.) you use in your business that you haven’t shared with your audience and/or clients that we really should know about?

We’re very transparent about how we run our business here at Entrepreneurs On Fire – we share pretty much everything with our audience, including our monthly income and expenses, so there isn’t a resource I haven’t shared with my audience.

One of my favorites is Text Expander.

Favorite book and favorite quote. Go!

Book: The One Thing by Gary Keller

Quote: Try not to become a [person] of success, but rather try to become a [person] of value. ~ Albert Einstein

If you were just starting your business today, what would be the first 2 or 3 things you would do to market yourself and your product/service? What would you do differently today vs. what you did to begin yours previously?

Start a podcast
Be a guest on other podcasts

Differently – I would take imperfect action from the very start and not let that fear of failure hold me back.

What’s really killing it for you as a marketing channel today?


What is your biggest revenue driver?

We have 4 main revenue streams: podcast sponsorships, our online courses, our Journals, and our affiliates. We dive into detail every month at EOFire.com/income.

How To Connect With Fire Nation

Website/Blog: EOFire.com

Social Media Links: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Products or Services JLD Offers:

Podcasters’ Paradise
The Freedom Journal
The Mastery Journal
The Podcast Journal

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