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How GenM Is At The Forefront Of Providing Free Education

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Here’s what’s on tap for this week’s edition of Hero Story…

I talk with Moe Abbas from GenM. They’re only trying to overhaul the entire education system. No big deal.

In other news, you have to see how Gina is using her side hustle to help others with something she battled in her own life.

Here’s a hero challenge: how can you turn a negative in your life into a positive?

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How GenM is at the forefront of providing free education

How GenM is at the forefront of providing free education

“We imagined a world where students would be trained by industry for industry, faster than traditional schooling at zero-cost. In our world, education is free, accessible, and directly translates to jobs.”

According to Moe Abbas, that’s the vision he and Richard Shaw, founders of GenM, had for the future of education. This week, Moe shares with us how GenM is at the forefront of a revolution in how we learn.

So, what exactly is GenM and how are they changing the way we approach education? Here’s how Moe puts it:

“GenM is an education platform that provides coursework, hands-on work experience, and certifications at zero-cost. Once our students match with a business mentor, the expectation is that they will complete 10 hours of remote work per week, making it accessible to even to those who work full-time. The key innovation in our platform are these remote digital apprenticeships, where students work with business mentors over a 3-month period. This part of their training provides them with the work experience needed to be competitive as they enter the workforce.”

Want to read my full interview with Moe from GenM?

Get the complete text of my interview with GenM co-founder Moe Abbas at HeroStory.org/Moe .

When I was in college, I had a glimpse of what to expect in the accounting world with an internship. It was a valuable experience and one that gave me insight into what to expect out of that career. So, I can see how GenM’s approach is a real asset to any student.

But, why does GenM have the desire to solve this problem? Why now?

Well, for Moe, this is personal. He explains:

“The concept for GenM originated from my own struggles as a small business owner. Due to financial constraints, I would hire student volunteers to help me grow, and ended up employing many of them permanently. These were students who were struggling to find jobs because they lacked relevant work experience.”

Over the last decade, we’ve seen how difficult it was for college graduates at times to find jobs. While the economy is better these days, it’s still hard for students to differentiate themselves.

Then, there’s also the problem of student loan debt and that albatross that hangs around graduates’ necks.

Well, Moe, God love him, has a cure for those career “afflictions” as well:

“In our future, students will be able to use GenM’s platform to test career paths. They will be able to explore their interests without committing to a costly 4-year program. We believe this will significantly reduce the financial and time burdens associated with education, by affording students a greater degree of certainty about the type of career they want. In our future, students will receive on the job training from skilled businesses, enabling them to build their resumes, gain work experience, develop a professional network, and acquire confidence in their skill set.”

He continues:

“Our goal is to help students be head-hunted by employers looking for talent directly through our platform. We hope that in the future, students will be able to meet with a cohort of other students at physical locations around the globe, and attend a yearly conference-type event held by GenM. Success for our students means they gained either employment, confidence, or relationships that positively impacted their lives. Our students will be able to launch their careers, with no debt, faster, and more effectively than they can today.

To date, Moe tells me that GenM has trained over 20,000 students and onboarded more than 8,000 businesses. So, it’s safe to say that the uture looks bright for GenM and those they serve.

GenM wants to help us fix a broken system and create a true 21stcentury approach to education. As Moe says:

“The traditional education system is plagued by inequities and inefficiencies. Walk around any college campus and you will see no end of wasted resources and senseless spending. Did you know that athletic coaching staff is paid more than teaching staff at many post-secondary institutions? The cost of this injustice is passed on to students.”

On the flip side, GenM offers “flexible, no-cost training” that provides “concrete theoretical and practical skills students need to launch into career prosperity.” It sounds as if Moe and GenM have figured something out.

Only time will tell whether their efforts will pay off, but I believe their approach is to be commended. Either way, I think it’s truly something we can all get behind and support.

Moe understands his journey is just beginning. But, how promising a journey it appears to be at the onset!

Let’s close with his motivating words:

“We are at the base of a very big mountain, with a mission that will make a positive impact on the lives of millions. The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

You can learn more about GenM and their work at GenM.co. People can also follow Moe on Instagram @realmoeabbas to see live streams of GenM’s offices and the work they do.


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