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Gender Equality: Role of Reputed Groups in Improving the Structure

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Gender Equality - Role of Reputed Groups in Improving the Structure

According to the human rights commission, gender equality is a mandatory foundation for a prosperous, harmonious, and flourishing world.

The progressive changes in the last decades have improved the Imbalanced structure of society to a great extent as a few girls are compelled for early marriage, a good number of them are receiving education and serving different sectors of society. Many reformations have also brought into the laws related to gender equality. In spite of this, there are still many things pending to achieve this aim.

The worthiness of gender equality

Gender equality sets the goal such as equal opportunities, responsibilities, and rights in different spheres of life for both men and women. In a home, this term implies the equal distribution of obligations related to family and children in a healthy environment free from any coercion and domestic violence.

Role of women’s foundations

Many reputed women’s foundations raise funds to support underprivileged women and girls. They work hard to uplift their economic and social conditions in society. Powerhouse Montana is one such foundation working for the community. In fact, Holly Truitt Missoula– Montana’s renowned mentor and community coach explains how her association with the organization has helped her transform and catalyze the change in the community. Also, the Women’s Foundation of Montana believes that women are one of the prominent untapped resources, and when women and girls prosper, communities thrive.

Some important recommendations implemented by various international organizations

The human rights council of developed countries with the suggestions of the international human rights framework is proposing different ways and implementing various policies to meet the objectives. Some of the recommendations implemented by international organizations are:

  1. New guidelines are adopted in which gender equality is set as a criterion to nominate and elect candidates.
  2. To achieve structural change objectives, institutionalized equality has measured on a good scale.
  3. Introducing public reporting yearly on gender equality after tracking and collecting data.
  4. Family care help is provided to the elected persons to inspire those (i.e, women) who have primary responsibilities of a family.
  5. Invited applications from individuals expert in various subject matters and worthy skills.
  6. A clear and open procedure is brought into the field to nominate and select candidates with the inclusion of gender equality as the main objective.

The societies where gender inequality prevails to the utmost level women get less access to economic, political, and social resources. So, after identifying the power imbalances factors between genders, the redressing term can include providing women autonomy of managing their lives without impositions and restrictions.

One of the ways of taking genders on the same track is to promote education, training, and awareness in women, especially in underprivileged areas. This will help them feel confident in their power and recognize their potential. Additionally, giving them socio-political sovereignty, preventing sexual exploitation, removing corruption, eliminating poverty, etc. are some other imperative steps in this direction that can also help to equipoise a society.

In the end, gender equality should take men and women to the point of changing their lives prosperously without dependence on any social norms, and restraints of sex.