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Going To Trial For Personal Injury? Know What To Expect

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Going To Trial For Personal Injury

Although you have the right to claim compensation for injuries caused by someone else’s negligence, things are not as simple as the sound. Negotiations can take months and you may still not get a fair settlement for your claim. But it surely makes sense to take the dispute to trial if you are not satisfied with the compensation offer. The most important aspect of going to trial is to have a seasoned personal injury lawyer handling your case. Additionally, there are some facts to be aware about before you take this decision because a trial can be prolonged and nerve-wracking. So you really need to go fully prepared and knowing what to expect helps. Here is all that you should know about the process.

Be aware of the possible outcomes

A case that goes into trial may have diverse outcomes, depending on the circumstances. You may get full and fair compensation if you are able to prove your case, which may not be possible if you negotiate with the insurance company involved. At the same time, there is a possibility that you may get nothing if the judge happens to side with the defendant. Being aware of the risk is important but you should also realize that an expert lawyer can help you minimize it.

Prepare yourself for the courtroom

Presenting your best self at the courtroom is important because it can have a significant impact on the case. Dress professionally and turn off your cell phone. You are bound to feel nervous, so it is advisable to be there on time so that you have ample opportunity to relax and gather your confidence. Talking to your lawyer about what to expect would also make you comfortable.

Understand the trial process

Typically, a trial process comprises several steps that give each of the sides an opportunity to present your case. It starts with the opening statements, followed by the plaintiff narrating their story. Experts at Golden Law Office recommend that anything you say in the court should be thoroughly discussed with your lawyer first. You will also get the chance to present evidence and witnesses to validate your statement. You can expect the defense lawyer to cross examine you and it is best to answer according to your lawyer’s advice and guidance. The trial process also includes the defendant’s statements and presentation of evidence and witnesses. Finally, the process ends with closing statements by both the sides.

Be ready for the verdict

Once the trial process is done with, you can expect the verdict, which depends on the case presented by both sides. The judge instructs the jury and ensures that they follow the law while arriving at the conclusion. When the decision is made, the judge reads it out. You must remain calm, regardless of the verdict you get. A positive outcome will come as a relief while a negative one can be depressing. But there are some options that your lawyer can suggest if the verdict is unfavorable.

Having an experienced personal injury lawyer with a trial record handling your case is a definite plus. They can go the extra mile to prove your case to the jury and get you the compensation you deserve.