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How This Business Coach Went From Corporate America To Working With Tony Robbins

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I met today’s featured entrepreneur a few years ago when my wife and I attended a Chick-fil-A Leadercast event in Langhorne, PA. He was in the process of building his empire as part of the John Maxwell Team.

We kept in touch and it’s been fun watching his rise. His name is Dave Gambrill and he really knows his stuff.

But, not only is Dave knowledgeable, he’s also very forthcoming with what works and what doesn’t. He’s not afraid to share what is killing it for him in his business.

Since we’re all about building up the next generation of entrepreneurs, we like that around here.

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From Corporate America To Working With Tony Robbins

“My name is Dave Gambrill and I help people unleash their awesome through executive coaching, corporate training, and leadership consulting.”

lf Jim Rohn was right and we’re all “the average of the five people we spend the most time with,” Dave Gambrill’s stats are looking pretty good.

Who’s in Dave’s circle?

Only a few guys you never heard of like… Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Russell Brunson.

If this was baseball, he’d already be hitting .600 with these 3 of the 5.

However, before we get to how Dave became tight with the 3 of the biggest influencers on the planet, let’s get into how his career started.

For those of you looking to do something different, you want to use Dave’s career progression as an example.

“I ended up in this area after working in corporate jobs for 20 years. I have experience in the military, major league sports and entertainment, pharmaceuticals, and healthcare so I bring a unique perspective to the table,” says Dave. “I discovered that I prefer working for myself, on my own schedule, without the corporate constraints because it frees me to be the person I need to be to best help my clients.”

He wanted to do something himself. Work for himself and not be tied down into serving his clients in one way.

So, he took a leap of faith and got started in the best way he knew how. And that has made all the difference.

“I’m a Founding Partner and Executive Director for the John Maxwell Team, which is a speaking, training, and coaching education program,” Dave explained to me. “Over 20,000 people in over 150 countries have been certified through the program. If you want to do what I do, it’s a pretty good place to start.”

That experience helped his own business explode. It got to the point where so many people were asking what he was doing and how he was doing it that he had to find an easier way to answer all the questions.

Enter his Facebook group:

Digital Marketing Mentorship with Dave Gambrill

The group has over 1,500 members and covers things like “how to get started, the best practices for building an email list, how to setup a landing page, etc.”

Heroic Personal Branding

We’ll get right back to Dave’s story in a second.

If you want to get started like Dave, you need to develop your personal brand. Check out anything that Dave does… and it comes across as genuine and authentic.

That’s not by accident. Dave has culivated his personal brand — and one that resonates with his audience.

Guess what? That’s your goal too.

I recently launched my Heroic Branding course. In it, you’ll learn how to craft your personal brand in a way that captures people’s attention.

It’s only $37 — and worth at least a look.

Now, back to Dave.

Understanding Digital Marketing with Dave Gambrill

I asked Dave what many of us entrepreneurs, freelancers, and business owners are missing when it comes to our marketing efforts. Here’s what he said:

“Most people think you simply setup a sales page, buy ads, and make millions. I wish it was that easy! People tend to forget that this game is a marathon, not a sprint and that you should focus on building relationships and adding value to people. It’s possible to do that via an email list or FB group, you just have to be prepared to play the long game. “

Then, Dave took it a step further when he suggested this:

“A great place for people to get an idea of how I operate is to check out the blog post from Kevin Kelly called, “1000 True Fans”. That’s the basic framework for how I think about growing my empire.”

Recommended By Dave: Knowledge Business Blueprint

On his work with Tony & Dean, Dave says this:

“I’m SO glad I can finally talk about this! Tony, Dean and Russell Brunson just released a powerful course and coaching program that helps people unleash their knowledge, impact people, and get rewarded handsomely in the process. Never before have 3 legends like this partnered to create something so powerful. I’ve had a chance to go through the entire program already – it’s amazing!”

How can we take advantage of this?

First, you can check out the replay of the event Tony and Dean did on April 30th at gambrill.com/kbbfaq which runs through Sunday. Secondly, as Dave says, “You can visit gambrill.com/getkbb to enroll, but you have to do so before May 13th.”

Connect with Dave Gambrill

I want to thank Dave for an awesome interview and spending some time answering my questions. If you want to learn more about what he’s up to and connect with him, grab his 2019 Comprehensive Resource Guide at gambrill.com/2019list and follow him on Instagram at instagram.com/gambrill.

Get The Full Interview With Dave Gambrill

Head over to herostory.org/dave-gambrill for the full transcript of my interview with Dave. He mentions a few things you’re going to want to check out about getting your business started that I couldn’t include here. Enjoy!

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One more thing… be sure to check out my buddy Abhik’s list of 320 free tools to grow your business at thestartingidea.com/320-free-tools/. It’s a great resource to help you all out.

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