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How The Side Hustle Show’s Nick Loper Helps People Build Income Streams

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nick loper
For today’s interview, it is my privilege to introduce Nick Loper of the Side Hustle Show. Nick inspires listeners the world over to get out of their comfort zones and monetize their skills and side businesses.

Nick gives us some great insight into how he got started and why he continues to further the side hustle mission. Take away, Nick!

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Give us a brief background of who you are for those that don’t know.

I used to have a real job, but side hustled my way out. That original business was a comparison shopping site for footwear. While I was running that, I started another little side project called Side Hustle Nation. I figured I could share my experiences and experiments, and invite other side hustlers to share theirs via the podcast. It’s since become my main focus and turned into a thriving community supporting this lower-risk brand of entrepreneurship.


In your current role, what do you help people achieve?

Income streams outside traditional employment.

How did you go about this career path?

See above.

Describe one or two moments in your life that shaped who you are today.

The first was taking a house painting “internship” in college. That was my first taste of working for profits, not wages, and was my first real exposure to sales, hiring and firing, and customer service. Not to mention a blue collar service business that was really rewarding to deliver.

Another pivotal moment was when I quit my job to run the shoe business full-time. Even though I had a track record of revenue history, it was still a scary leap to make. The crazy thing is on my first day of “retirement,” Google shut down my ad account and it took months to recover. Had I waited even just a couple weeks to quit that job, I might never have done it out of fear of what could happen beyond my control. It was a crazy stressful summer, but I’m glad I quit when I did.

What are aspiring and current entrepreneurs and freelancers missing when it comes to your area of expertise? How do you help bridge that gap?

One of the biggest hurdles to starting a business is that first business model or business idea. Consistently 40-50% of the aspiring entrepreneurs I survey fall into this category. To combat that, I try to showcase a wide variety of business ideas and creative ways to make extra money on the Side Hustle Nation blog and on The Side Hustle Show.

Regarding your core products and services, what can you tell us about it? Why should we care?

My guests and I have helped thousands of listeners make extra money. I’d love for you to be next.

What is one resource (app, website, software, etc.) you use in your business that you haven’t shared with your audience and/or clients that we really should know about?

Haha I share all the cool resources I find with my audience!

Want To Make A Heroic Impact?

Learn from the top entrepreneurs making an impact worldwide with Hero Story. We discuss positive, uplifting business stories and send them straight to your inbox. Click here to subscribe today.

Favorite book and favorite quote. Go!

The Go-Giver by Bob Burg

“We don’t know a millionth of one percent about anything.” -Thomas Edison (my reminder to stay curious and stay humble)

If you were just starting your business today, what would be the first 2 or 3 things you would do to market yourself and your product/service? What would you do differently today vs. what you did to begin yours previously?

Some of the biggest growth spikes I’ve seen have come from appearing as a guest on other podcasts, so I’d probably prioritize that early on. I’d focus on outreach to some smaller shows I knew I could deliver awesome value on first for practice being interviewed, and then work my way up to pitching some bigger shows.

The other big driver for me is SEO, but I’ve spent probably thousands of hours of time writing blog posts that had no hope of ever ranking in Google. Starting over, I’d be much more intentional about the content I create. A blog still has a personal journal element to it, but each piece of content should be able to stand alone as a traffic-generating asset for you.

What’s really killing it for you as a marketing channel today?

For audience reach and relationship building, I really can’t top the podcast.

What is your biggest revenue driver?

Affiliate marketing.

Is there anything else you would like to share with Hero Story readers?

“The best opportunities aren’t visible until you’re already in motion.” This was a quote from Ryan Finlay on The Side Hustle Show, and I’ve found it to be 100% true. Once you get started — and it honestly doesn’t matter WHAT you get started on — you’ll find that new ideas and conversations and pivots will happen naturally. And that gets exciting.

About Nick Loper

Company Name: Side Hustle Nation

Email: nloper@gmail.com

Website/Blog: SideHustleNation.com

Social Media Links:

Products or Services Nick Offers: Outside of a few books on Amazon, and a Udemy course from a few years ago, I don’t really have any products to sell at the moment. The biggest service, if you could call it that, is hosting the weekly Side Hustle Show podcast. It’s free and available in all your favorite podcast apps!