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Q&A With Silvia & Michal From Journal Smarter

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How Two Entrepreneurs Are Using Their Skills To Help Others Worldwide

I had the pleasure of interviewing Silvia and Michal from Journal Smarter.  You can read their Hero Story feature here.

Please read through and pick out your favorite gems in this full length interview.

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Full Interview with Michal and Silvia from Journal Smarter

1. Tell us about yourselves for those that don’t know.

We’re Silvia and Michal, or Michal and Silvia (we alternate the order to keep it fair). Apart from being the founders of Journal Smarter, here are some other things that we’re both into:

  • Flow-states,
  • minimalism,
  • traveling the world,
  • ridiculous sense of humour,
  • “Twin Peaks” (not the 2017 season, though—yuck),
  • lucid dreaming (the fastest way to reach enlightenment),
  • plant-based foods (with a sweet spot for durian), super-effective-zero-distraction-almost-obsessive-daily-routines,
  • yoga,
  • each other.

That’s right, we’re also a couple—and one of our biggest accomplishments is to run a business together while loving each other and using our relationship as a super-personal-development-booster.

2. Why did you start Journal Smarter? What’s the goal with the site?

We want to help people become happier, healthier and more productive, and we believe that journaling is a great habit for achieving all those goals.

We started journaling a few years back, and it has completely changed our lives by developing our learning skills, processing emotions, organizing our life and thoughts, improving our memory, prioritizing and planning, and getting deeper into our overall life purpose.

The more we experimented with journaling, the more we saw the benefits. Therefore, we started developing journaling practices (such as the Minimalist Journaling System) and sharing them with others so that they too can benefit from them.

3. What’s the Minimalist Journaling System? Are we missing the mark in our journaling?

Minimalist Journaling System is a super-effective habit (and life) tracker, designed to build consistency and help you develop highly impactful habits with the least amount of effort possible.

We like to think of it as an operating system, allowing you to install any apps (behaviours) you want and keep you focused on what matters the most to you, while giving you the “bigger picture” perspective of your life. It provides a combination of micro and macro in a single minimalist journaling tool, which takes less than 3 minutes a day to maintain.

4. Tell us about the communities you’re building. How did you get involved with that?

Over the past few years we have been developing an interest in community living and it’s ultimately where we see ourselves when/if we decide to settle in one place. In the meantime, we are visiting various communities (from organic farms to hacker bases) and exchange our professional skills for free stay.

We’ve noticed a few recurring challenges, such as effective prioritisation, management of resources, decluttering, outreach (marketing / relationships), and financial sustainability. We help community leaders solve those problems with coaching/consulting sessions.

5. Can you describe your experience with Astralship? What’s it like?

Astralship is a “pirate ship within a chapel” (how cool is that?) surrounded by the wonderful hills of Snowdonia (Wales), designed to support visionaries and innovators build impactful projects by immersing them in productive, flow-state-friendly “voyages”. You might call it the ultimate startup accelerator—built in the middle of natural landscape.

Our role is to provide facilitation and personal coaching, focused on routine-building, effective prioritization and optimization of all areas of life for achieving consistent and effortless flow states.

Astralship offers limitless possibilities for the right kind of people. Being here is a very intense experience, since the ship is in a constant state of evolution, but it allows unrestricted freedom to create any form of innovative art and/or technology.

6. Do you consider yourselves entrepreneurs? Please explain.

We have been living a location-independent lifestyle for 2 years now, while running our business, so I guess you can call us entrepreneurs. In fact, since we can remember we were always engaged in various projects of our own and we love building things with other people.

We see entrepreneurship as a state of mind – taking responsibility for your life in all its areas (including health, business, relationships, etc.) and constantly working on yourself to bring more value to the world and all beings.

7. Where do you see yourselves going with your efforts? What’s success (and failure) look like?

We want to live happy, meaningful lives. In the process of experimenting and coming up with solutions, we want to share our conclusions and tools with others so that they can find their own version of happiness and meaning.

Success looks just like that: a process of constant evolution and growth, experimentation, fun, and love. More of a path, a direction, rather than a concrete destination. Therefore, if you adopt the right mindset, “failure” becomes an impossibility, because when you’re focused on the process instead of the outcomes, all lows and mistakes become lessons.

8. Favorite book and favorite quote. Go.


  • Favourite book: “Ishmael” by Daniel Quinn. Everyone should read it.
  • Favourite quote (at the moment, as it’s changing quite often): “A ship in harbor is safe — but that is not what ships are built for” by John A. Shedd


Want To Make A Heroic Impact?

Learn from the top entrepreneurs making an impact worldwide with Hero Story. We discuss positive, uplifting business stories every Friday and send them straight to your inbox. Click here to subscribe today.
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