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Interview With Sean Mulroney, Founder Of The Obesity Revolution

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Sean Mulroney

I had the pleasure of covering Sean Mulroney again in this interview and in the April 12th, 2019 Hero Story newsletter. Previously, I wrote about his amazing story for Forbes.

Check out my full interview with Sean below.

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Sean Mulroney Discusses Why He Founded The Obesity Revolution

Give us a brief background of yourself, Sean.

I’m a kid from Pittsburgh – I come from a huge family – my dad died when I was six, and that changed my life forever.  I made choices – not always good choices for myself. It took some time to see what I was doing and the path I was going down.  It took time, and some truly remarkable people entering my life for me to clearly see the path I needed to leave and the path I needed to take.

Tell us about everything you have going on. From The Obesity Revolution, to the book you have coming out, to all the video content you’re producing, the membership site, etc.

I started Teens of America back in 1997 because I wanted to be the person I needed when I was a troubled teen.  Back then, you didn’t have anywhere you could turn to, or anyone who could understand the world through a teenager’s eyes.

We have reached teens all over the world and have been able to help, educate, edify and enlighten young people in 14 countries.

I started The Obesity Revolution because I wanted to chronicle my weight loss journey and share it with my friends on social media – and the videos I posted were suddenly being shared all over the world! I was unwittingly inspiring people worldwide to face their obesity and fight it as if their life depended on it, because, their lives – our lives – DO depend on it.

We have podcasts that talk about specific issues obese people face, we have written 2 books – one book details the subjects in our first season of the podcasts and provides a lot more information than a 30 minute podcast can cover.

The second book is The Obesity Revolution meal plan / cook book.  It’s a 6 week meal plan that covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – it even includes a ‘cheat day’.  The meals are not complicated to make, they are delicious and, in fact, at the beginning of each week, we have a grocery list for you that is broken down by category: protein / produce / dairy / emollients.  We’ve made it more convenient to shop for a healthy week.

The actual third book has not been released yet – it’s my autobiography.  How it all began, and you’re just going to have to read it 😊

We have launched The Obesity Revolution website where people can join at different levels – we have, of course, free membership all the way up to annual membership.  The website does not hold back on providing empowering information for subscribers at every level so they can reach their goals – remember, this is not about getting skinny, this is about getting healthy by creating and maintaining a lifestyle change that will impact the person and all who love them and want to see them live a long and strong life.

How is TOR already making an impact?

We get hundreds of people, DAILY, reaching out to us – some need assistance, because everywhere else has shut them down or turned them away.  Some offer insights and share what has worked for them.  I mean, lets face it I don’t have all the answers; nobody does.  We are building a community of people that society has cast aside because they are NOT aesthetically acceptable.  And some people reach out to give encouragement, they tell us about their journey and their successes and they praise this grassroots effort to face obesity and fight it.

What are you doing to market TOR and your other ventures?

For now, The Obesity Revolution is relying heavily on social media – and the reason for that is very simple; social media is driving pretty much everything now – news, advertisements, movements – very few people pick up a newspaper, or seek out information, they literally just watch their news feeds.  We needed to get in front of people so we could start making a difference, one person at a time.

Teens of America is the primary non-profit affiliate for the platform of the Social Acceptance Tour.   We will be responsible for delivering social acceptance messaging.  The new name of the platform is called Good For Schools and a press release will be going out very soon. We are very excited to be bringing fund raising for American schools into the 21st century, and for alerting the public about a very legitimate school funding crisis.

Tell us about your team, their roles, and how they support what you do as “the face.”

I can’t say enough about my team – each has a specific skill set that I would match against any one.  How we all came to be in each others lives was happenstance, serendipity, fate – what ever you want to call it.  It was a very special kind of cosmic karma that put us all together and I trust them completely.  There is so much respect, trust and professionalism – I don’t know how I got so lucky but I am grateful.  They each do their part, and they do it well, so that I can concentrate on what I am best at; reaching people, right where they are – whether they are fat, or thin, depressed, anxious or an absolute mess.  I love people as they are and right where they are.

Fifty years from now… what is Sean Mulroney’s legacy?

I intend for my legacy to be that not one more person is afflicted by abuse that will lead to addiction, suicide, obesity or a case of history-repeating-itself to cause harm to another generation.  We have to stop hurting each other, we have to stop hurting our children.  The best way to do that is to invest in people, young and old.

One book and one quote that inspires you. Go!

The bible is my inspirational book – some people use the phrase “when all else fails, read the bible” but I say BEFORE everything fails, read the bible.

Favorite quote: “You don’t have to be perfect to inspire others; you just have to show others how you deal with your imperfections”.  There is great strength in vulnerability.  “Yet when I am weak, then is He strong and His strength is made perfect, in our weakness

Do you consider yourself an entrepreneur? Why or why not?

Yes and no – my team and I have found a need in society that others have ignored for years.  It was ignored for so long that everyone forgot about an entire population of folks.  Stepping out of the shadows of obesity is one thing, but creating a revolution is quite another – We need to generate revenue so we can continue to grow, impact lives for the better, educate, prevent, validate people, young and old.  In order to do that, I need my team.  They have families too, so I need to pay my team.  My motivation is not money, we need it, but that’s not why we are doing it.

What’s one piece of advice you have for folks trying to live out their dream through a business, a side hustle, a non-profit, etc.?

Don’t force something or try to create something because you want fame, notoriety, or money.  Make sure what you are doing or creating matters and that it has true substance and true purpose.  Allow yourself to learn and live your truth.  Don’t try to be something that you’re not. Smoke and mirrors will accomplish nothing, because when it comes right down to it, you have to have substance and have authentic value in your product or service.

Where can people find you and what you’re up to?

@iamseanmulroney – Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter


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Learn from the top entrepreneurs making an impact worldwide with Hero Story. We discuss positive, uplifting business stories every Friday and send them straight to your inbox. Click here to subscribe today.
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