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Signs That Your Commercial Space Needs Renovation Right Now

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Signs That Your Commercial Space Needs Renovation Right Now

Your office or facility is the lifeline of your business and deserves more attention than you may think. In fact, it has to be in top shape at all times to ensure that your team has a workspace that fosters productivity. Further, you need to ensure that it is impressive enough to make a good impact on the clients who step in. Obviously, a clean, inviting and well-organized commercial property can have a far-reaching impact on the success of your business.

And you will need more than regular maintenance and occasional touch-ups to keep it in such an amazing condition. A complete remodeling and renovation is the smartest investment that you can make for putting your business on the growth route. But you may not even realize when you need to get going with the job. Here are some signs that indicate that your commercial space needs renovation right now.

Sign #1: There’s a lot of wear and tear

The most obvious sign that you need to renovate your commercial space sooner rather than later is visible deterioration. Are there signs of leakages in the walls or roof? Can you see cracks in the flooring? Has the paint begun to fade or peel? Does the furniture appear forlorn? Does the office decor appear outdated? If you see one or more of these signs, it is time to ask a remodeling contractor to assess the place for a complete makeover. The sooner you get these issues resolved, the lesser will be the cost of repair.

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Sign #2: There are health and injury risks

Beyond the look and feel of your workplace, you also need to assess the impact that its condition may have on the health and safety of the employees. Issues such as mold, cracks, and leakages can cause health problems for the workforce. At the same time, dilapidated structures elevate the risk of workplace injuries. Your business can encounter problems such as absenteeism and even injury lawsuits if you fail to take action quickly. And this can be best avoided by starting a renovation project.

Sign #3: You plan to scale up business in the near future

It is imperative for businesses to scale up with time. Obviously, you will need more space if you plan to extend your team and operations in the future. You may consider moving to a bigger space or investing in a remodeling project. According to Bruce Gardner of Bruce Gardner Co, home additions add great value to a house and let you have the space you need without having to move. This is not only true for homes but for commercial spaces as well, he adds. An experienced contractor can actually help you create more space with smart additions to your workspace and thus help you scale up your business smoothly.

Sign #4: The employees are not their productive best

Lack of space is one reason that employees may not be happy and productive enough. Even though you don’t have scaling plans lined up, you need to see whether your workforce is comfortable enough. Are their cubicles too cramped? Are they getting enough leg space to sit comfortably? Does your office have a comfortable dining area and restrooms where employees can relax in their free time? If you are not sure about these questions, you definitely need to consider a revamp for your workplace.

Sign #5: Your workspace does not replicate your brand

Branding is critical for running businesses successfully today. Essentially, your brand’s personality should reflect in every aspect of your existence. Whether it is your website, ads or physical space, everything should have the same feel so that clients recognize you as a brand. Have a look at your office to assess whether it replicates your brand’s personality. If not, now is the time to get started with a remodeling project.

Sign #6: You’d rather not invite clients to visit your office

Obviously, your commercial establishment is much more than the place where you operate from. It is also the place where you can meet your existing and potential clients. Having the customers to visit your physical location builds trust and fosters lasting relationships with them. But you need to have a place that is impressive. Are you confident enough to invite them on-site for meetings or would you rather arrange to meet elsewhere? The answer will give you a fair idea of whether you need to renovate right now.

Sign #7: Your energy bills are running high

Your energy bills can clearly indicate how soon you need to plan a renovation project for your commercial property. Your bills will probably run high if there are structural defects that prevent the place from keeping cool or warm. Similarly, outdated electrical systems could elevate the bills as well. A complete remodeling of the property could be a smart move if you want it to be energy efficient in the long run. Even if you spend today, you will end up saving a lot on your energy bills.

Sign #8: You want to add value to the property

Another valid reason to invest in commercial renovation is to add value to your property. This is applicable for the real estate owners who plan to rent out or sell their property. Getting a structural assessment from an expert contractor is a good idea to understand where and how you can improve the place for commanding a better price. Sometimes, a simple painting and redecorating job are enough. Alternatively, you may need to give the place a complete makeover along with repairs and remodeling to get significant addition in its value.

Now that you know the signs and indications for investing in revamp of your commercial space, you can easily decide how soon you need to do it. Being vigilant about them is important and so is listening to your instincts. Though you may need to invest a considerable amount in commercial renovation, this is something you should happily do. After all, anything that goes into enhancing your business and boosting your employee productivity is bound to fetch immense benefits for your business. When you start with a renovation project, make sure that you collaborate with an experienced professional contractor you can rely on.