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Savvy Couple Founder Kelan Kline Explains How He Makes $10,000 Per Month

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Kelan Kline started the personal finance blog, The Savvy Couple, with his wife Brittany in July 2016.  Since that time, they make over $10,000 per month.
Check out my interview with him below and see what you takeaway from their success.  It could be just the motivation you need to start your own thing.

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Kelan Kline On How He Grew The Savvy Couple To A Full-Time Income

Give us a brief background of who you are for those that don’t know.

Hi, my name is Kelan Kline together with my wife Brittany we started our personal finance blog The Savvy Couple in July 2016. Originally it was only going to be a hobby project that we would eventually turn into a few hundred dollars a month in extra income. Fast forward two years and we had grown our blog to make over $10,000 in a single month. Our blog now reaches hundreds of thousands of readers each month and we inspire them to take complete control over their time and money to pursue their dream life.

In your current role, what do you help people achieve?

Our mission at The Savvy Couple is helping families create and go after the dream life they have always envisioned. We do this by offering creative content that makes taking control of their finances as easy as possible and inspires them to keep going when things get hard. We have a bunch of printable products in our shop including our Budgeting Binder that has helped hundreds of families get started in controlling their finances. We also have a support group to help our readers stay focused and committed to reaching their dream life. See https://www.facebook.com/groups/thesavvycouple/

How did you go about this career path?

Great question! My first answer is always God. Without God there is no way any of this would have been possible. From a young age I loved selling things on eBay and Amazon. My dad helped me sell my first item when I was 13 and I was hooked. I began selling everything I could get my hands on in our house. It was the start of my entrepreneur journey. I did this all through high school and basically refused to get a real job when my parents requested me too. I kept proving to them I could make money selling things online. I also had a dream of becoming a police officer at a young age.


So I did everything in my power to make that happen. Including joining the local fire department as a volunteer and getting certified as an EMT. I figured the more public service experience I had on my resume the better. I went to community college and changed my major 5 times. I finally ended up transferring to a SUNY Brockport and fell in love with their business administration program. Out of college I did insurance sales for a couple weeks, quit. Tried being a UPS driver, quit. Tried being a full-time drop shipper, failed. Got hired into law enforcement as a Jail Deputy, did that for two and a half years, quit. Took at job as an office manager, quit.


Turns out my dream for law enforcement was not a real dream. The hours, stress, and work environment I wanted nothing to do with. I even turned down an offer to move to road patrol. I felt like a complete failure. No identity and had no idea where I was headed in life. I knew I HATED working for someone else. I could not stand trading my time for a paycheck. And the one thing that makes me happy in life is having complete control over my time. FREEDOM. We started our blog. I quit my job nine months later after we made $50 and have never looked back.

Describe one or two moments in your life that shaped who you are today.

The first moment that had a huge impact on my life is meeting my wife Brittany. We were in 9th grade and I had the absolute biggest crush ever on this girl. She was gorgeous and I had no business talking to her. We ended up becoming best friends and feel deeply in love with each other. Without her in my life I might no be alive. Which leads me to my second big moment. While working as a Jail Deputy I feel into a deep dark depression. I had never experienced anything like it in my life. My world was collapsing all around me. I was stuck at a job that was sucking the life out of me because we just purchased our first house.


My dream of law enforcement was gone. I had no way out. The environment working at a jail tore me up inside. It wasn’t until I reached my breaking point that I reached out to God with a prayer asking for his help. Telling him I can’t do this anymore. That I am broken. I was completely overtaken by the Holy Spirit dropped to my knees and surrenders my life to Jesus. I thank God everyday for putting me through everything he did. It made me the person I am today and gave me purpose to help others in a similar situation looking for direction and happiness in life.

What are aspiring and current entrepreneurs and freelancers missing when it comes to your area of expertise? How do you help bridge that gap?

I think a lot of freelancers, entrepreneurs, and bloggers don’t realize just how hard it is to grow a business. It takes a TON of hard work and effort there is no way around it. There is no special pill or get rich quick scheme. I believe understanding your WHY is the most important thing an entrepreneur can posses. It’s the thing that will keep you going forward when things get hard.

Regarding your core products and services, what can you tell us about it? Why should we care?

Our main product is The Budgeting Binder it’s a complete 20+ page digital and printable financial binder to help you get your entire financial life in order. We have sold hundreds of copies and impacted many many lives with it. Further description – https://shop.thesavvycouple.com/products/the-budgeting-binder.


Our second main product for our bloggers is called Bloggers’ Secrets. It’s a full on course with hours upon hours of training to help you take your struggling blog and turn it into the profitable life-changing business you have always wanted. We share all of the top proven strategies, tips, and tricks we have learned along our blogging journey.

What is one resource (app, website, software, etc.) you use in your business that you haven’t shared with your audience and/or clients that we really should know about?

Asana – It’s an incredible project management software that we run our entire business out of. As business owners it’s SO important to create systems and protect your time like your life depends on it. A project management software is a must.

Favorite book and favorite quote. Go!

Work Less Make More and “Believe it to achieve it.”

If you were just starting your business today, what would be the first 2 or 3 things you would do to market yourself and your product/service? What would you do differently today vs. what you did to begin yours previously?

I would treat our blogging side hustle as a legitimate business and brand from the start. I think everyone makes the mistake of treating it like a hobby starting out because of the low cost of entry. I would master ONE social media platform and focus on SEO.

What’s really killing it for you as a marketing channel today?

We diversify our traffic as must as possible. But Pinterest is still driving a majority of our traffic as we have a good formula for making viral content. SEO and Facebook ads are also great for driving warm targeted traffic.

What is your biggest revenue driver?

We make a majority of our money through affiliate marketing, ads, sponsored posts, and our own products.

Is there anything else you would like to share with Hero Story readers?

If you are not happy in life and searching for a new path, take action! Action is the only thing that will change your life and help you achieve your dream life.

Connect with Kelan:

Email address: savvyklines@gmail.com

Products or Services You Offer:

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Want To Make A Heroic Impact Like Kelan?

Learn from the top entrepreneurs making an impact worldwide with Hero Story. We discuss positive, uplifting business stories every Friday and send them straight to your inbox. Click here to subscribe today.
  • […] Savvy Couple Founder Kelan Kline Explains How He Makes $10,000 Per Month […]

  • […] Savvy Couple Founder Kelan Kline Explains How He Makes $10,000 Per Month […]

  • […] Savvy Couple Founder Kelan Kline Explains How He Makes $10,000 Per Month […]

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