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How Sean Mulroney Started A Weight Loss Revolution​

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​Hey there,

I have a question for you. Are you living out your life’s purpose?

I know. It’s a bold question for this time of day.

But, when I see that 87% of people are disengaged from their work, it makes me wonder what the hell we’re doing with our lives.

I saw a TED Talk by Mark Leruste, host of The Unconventionalists podcast, where he discusses how we all innately have a desire for a deeper sense of purpose. Rather than faking it on social media, purpose-driven entrepreneurs have a “thirst for a mission and a desire to fulfill it,” as Mark explains.

It got me thinking about my own situation. If you know me, it’s no secret that I’m a part of that 87%.

Chances are – you are too!

That’s why I plan to spend my time hyper-focused on serving you all here at Hero Story. Whether you signed up strictly for Hero Story or you came as a result of my other blogs, I’m here to help you live out your life’s purpose.

And I believe, if we help each other, we will rise faster and farther than we ever thought possible.

Let’s make an impact.

Hit REPLY and tell me what you believe your purpose is.

Be heroic,


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TODAY’S HERO FEATURE: How Sean Mulroney Started A Weight Loss Revolution​

​”Don’t force something or try to create something because you want fame, notoriety, or money. Make sure what you are doing or creating matters and that it has true substance and true purpose. Allow yourself to learn and live your truth. Don’t try to be something that you’re not. Smoke and mirrors will accomplish nothing, because when it comes right down to it, you have to have substance and have authentic value in your product or service.​” – Sean Mulroney, Founder, The Obesity Revolution

The subject of today’s featured story knows what it means to live out your purpose.

His name is Sean Mulroney. And, as is true in movements throughout history, he’s a revolutionary.

Sean founded The Obesity Revolution, which is part information hub and part membership site for all things fitness and health for the obese population. The amazing thing is, though, that it began spreading like wild fire. As Sean told me:

“I started The Obesity Revolution because I wanted to chronicle my weight loss journey and share it with my friends on social media – and the videos I posted were suddenly being shared all over the world! I was unwittingly inspiring people worldwide to face their obesity and fight it as if their life depended on it, because, their lives – our lives – DO depend on it.​”

And he sure has given his followers more than a glimpse of his life. Truth be told, the struggle is real.

Consider what Sean shared on his Facebook page on April 6th of this year:

“Frustration, can be quite painful at times, but it’s a very positive and essential part of success. To be honest I’ve been frustrated lately, because my lymphedema has really been acting up and I have lost the same 30-40lbs for a year and can’t break the 110lbs weight loss. I Know the scale doesn’t define me, but I want it to move because I’m working hard and I want to get out of the 500’s. There’s others ways to measure success and today I went back to a picture at my heaviest and the other one is from Wednesday! So when you’re frustrated look at how far you’ve come and keep going…​”

Clearly, it’s not all sunshine and roses for this heroic entrepreneur. But, if we’re honest, is it ever for anybody?

What makes Sean’s business work is his vulnerability. He doesn’t hide who he is or what obesity has done to him. 

He’s raw, he’s uncut, and he’s real with us.

What has this done for his business? Well, everything.

Here’s a quick rundown of what he has going on…

– “We have podcasts that talk about specific issues obese people face, we have written 2 books – one book details the subjects in our first season of the podcasts and provides a lot more information than a 30 minute podcast can cover.”

– “The second book is The Obesity Revolution meal plan / cook book. It’s a 6 week meal plan that covers breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks – it even includes a ‘cheat day’.​”

– “We have launched The Obesity Revolution website where people can join at different levels – we have, of course, free membership all the way up to annual membership.​”

What’s his primary marketing vehicle? Social media.

– “For now, The Obesity Revolution is relying heavily on social media – and the reason for that is very simple; social media is driving pretty much everything now – news, advertisements, movements – very few people pick up a newspaper, or seek out information, they literally just watch their news feeds. We needed to get in front of people so we could start making a difference, one person at a time.​”

No man is an island — and Sean has quite the team surrounding him.

– “I can’t say enough about my team – each has a specific skill set that I would match against any one.How we all came to be in each others lives was happenstance, serendipity, fate – what ever you want to call it.It was a very special kind of cosmic karma that put us all together and I trust them completely.​”

– One of those people is Sean’s personal trainer Brandon Glore. When speaking about Brandon, Sean is incredibly grateful, saying, “Had he not took the time and invested in me, none of this would of happened!”

Where does Sean see this going?

– “I intend for my legacy to be that not one more person is afflicted by abuse that will lead to addiction, suicide, obesity or a case of history-repeating-itself to cause harm to another generation. We have to stop hurting each other, we have to stop hurting our children. The best way to do that is to invest in people, young and old.​”

His pain from his past and his obesity is his platform. And that is driving his purpose.

As Sean expressed to me in January 2018 in this article I wrote for Forbes:

“If not for my obesity, I would not be able to touch as many lives as I have now. My pain is my platform, and I am grateful that I have the opportunity to touch others’ lives as I inspire by sharing my struggle and embarking on this journey.”​

Clearly, Sean is living his life’s purpose. His struggle is his purpose.

And he’s using that to build a company that affects the lives of countless others with his heroic journey.

If you want to get in touch with Sean, check him out at TheObesityRevolution.com and @iamseanmulroney on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter.​  For the full transcript of my Q&A with Sean, head over to HeroStory.org/Sean-Mulroney.


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