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Why You Should Invest In Composite Doors

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Why You Should Invest In Composite Doors

Your front door should not only protect your home but should also create an impression on the people who visit your home. With more options for customization in terms of design and requiring low maintenance, composite doors are fast becoming the rage amongst homeowners. Besides, composite doors offer better thermal efficiency and better security.

Replicating traditional timber doors, composite doors offer better durability at a lower cost. Available in a vast range of designs and colors, composite doors offer you the opportunity to customize your entrance as per your preferences and personality. Unlike traditional timber doors, composite doors retain their color for a much longer time due to the glass-reinforced plastic coating on them.

Given below are three compelling reasons why you should invest in a composite door for your home.

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Create an Impression

UPVC doors that were very common around ten years ago were simple, functional and offered a standard white plastic finish design, leaving no room for personalization. A composite door offers numerous options for personalization, along with a range of colors and designs to suit both traditional style and modern design homes. Depending on your choice, you could opt for either a traditional “cottage” door if you live in a traditional style home or go for a French patio style door if you live in a modern minimalist home. Visit Just Doors & Conservatories for more options in composite door design and colors. Composite doors can create a refreshing look for your home, especially for estate agents and potential buyers.

Increased Security

UPVC doors are not the best option for security. The single panel fittings can be easily broken, leaving your home open to theft. Composite doors offer high security due to the mix of materials selected in their making. The use of galvanized reinforced steel and a width of 68mm not only makes the door far more difficult to break but also provides a barrier against outside noise and temperature.

The majority of composite doors are fitted with automatic door locks that engage the moment the door shuts. To increase security, you can double lock the door with the key provided. This adds to the security features offered by the composite door and ensures that your home and possessions are secure and safe.

Low maintenance

One of the biggest problems with traditional timber doors is the expansion and contraction due to weather conditions. This causes the doors to either become loose or jam against the frame. If your door happens to either expand or contract, the only option you have is to invest in a new door. A door that does not shut properly is not just a security hazard, but also creates thermal inefficiency by allowing the heat/cold to escape or enter.

The materials used for manufacturing composite doors and frames are selected due to their ability to withstand tough weather conditions. These materials make the composite door rigid and durable. Besides, the glass-reinforced plastic skin ensures that the colors do not fade or chip away, thus saving you time, effort and money for maintenance.